Saturday, January 28, 2017


Many legal immigrants with green cards cannot return after being out of the USA.  Especially bad are those that helped our military as interpreters and face possible death if they can't get back here. 

It is a good thing that Egypt did not have tRump as leader when Joseph and the Holy family immigrated to Egypt to protect Jesus and Mary.  

The red countries are the ones that have the immigrant ban on them and the yellow ones are the ones that terrorists HAVE come from but they are not banned ........maybe because tRump has business in those countries, just maybe

Protesters are gathering at many airports tonight.  About 10 pm Eastern time a Judge put a hold on the immigration ban regarding the people with green cards... We don't know how long the hold will last.

It turns out that the tRump Admin didn't even ck with legal to see what the implications legally where going to be.  These people are irresponsible.

In Saudi Arabia (Daily News) Just one of tRumps businesses in the middle east.


Republicans see an opportunity to roll back the Endangered Species Act, which has become one of the government's most powerful conservation tools. 

Just following the tRump $ this week:
Trump shoveled in money this week from his dual roles as president and as owner of Trump businesses.
Some examples (courtesy of Slate’s Josh Vorhees):
1. Trump replaced the head of the General Services Administration, the federal agency that effectively serves as the landlord for the new Trump hotel in Washington and has been asked to investigate whether Trump is now in violation of that lease.
2. He signed orders clearing the way for the disputed Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines to proceed. As recently as last summer, the president owned between $15,000 and $50,000 in stock in the company building the Dakota project, and its chief executive donated $100,000 to the Trump Victory Fund, a joint effort between Trump and the Republican Party. (Trump claims to have sold off his stock portfolio before the election, though he has not provided documentation proving he did.)
3. He signed an order suspending visas from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Not on the list were other predominantly Muslim countries where Trump has existing businesses: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Qatar, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Azerbaijan.
4. Trump is pushing forward his plan for a massive, privatization-heavy infrastructure bill that appears tailor-made for cronyism and self-dealing. (For more on this, please see our video.)
5. Based on the new power of the “Trump” brand, the CEO of Trump Hotels announced a plan to triple the number of Trump hotels in the United States.
6. The Trump Organization hired a longtime Republican lawyer as its ethics adviser and a longtime Trump executive as its chief compliance counsel. It’s all optics. Neither will raise a fuss because they’d put their jobs at risk.
7. The Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, doubled its initiation fee to $200,000 for new members.
8. The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada, a business lobby focused on North American trade, made a sudden, last-second decision to move a scheduled event from the Vancouver home of a U.S. diplomat to the newest addition to the Trump Hotel family in the same city. (The Trump Organization does not own the Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver, but it makes money managing the property and cutting naming-rights deals.)

Bannan tells the press corps. to shut up and listen for awhile.  He wants them to listen to more or their alternative facts.


Oh, and he did ban gov workers from lobbying for a number of years.  Didn't hear much about that since his immigration ban blew up.

I actually agree with it.

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