Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1/26/17 Today is going to be busy...again

This morning the Republican Retreat is being held in Philadelphia.  tRump is speaking.

tRumps speech wasn't as bad as I had expected.  

He only spoke about half of the time about himself and what is great about him.  Then went off on the investigation of illegal voting and I nodded off.


By the time he had gotten to the hall to speak he had insulted Mexico and told the President of Mexico if he wasn't paying for THE WALL he might as well turn around and go back home.  So, the Mexican President said again Mexico is not paying for the wall...and canceled meeting with tRump.

Then tRumps Spicer said we were going to charge a 20% tax on Mexican goods.  Many repubs didn't like that and the WH started to walk it back.

This is really messing with our relationship with Mexico


Scientists are planning to march in DC against tRumps gag order against government scientists.

State Department

Remember Trump dismissed all US ambassadors around the world with no one to replace them yet. 
Career State Department Heads turn in their resignations as required when a new President comes in.
Instead of filling their positions, tRumps people just firing the top 4 people.  So now we have no ambassadors and no one at the working top at the State Department.

The British Prime Minister
The Prime Minister gave a very good speech.  She emphisized how it was good for all to be friends.

New tRump Issue

Now he is bringing up something he had talked about during the campaign.  He had said that we should have taken all Iraq's oil.  Pushing it for another big dust up.

Then out pops torture!  and "Black Sites" which are torture places.  and renewing waterboarding?
Don't ask me why these thing came up, except maybe he wants to torture the press corp?  Luckily the repubs didn't seem to want to go there and John Mcann squashed it really quickly.


Is trump using a private server and an insecure phone?  He very well may be....RNC server.

Trump Owns Stake In Hotly Disputed $3.8 Billion Oil Pipeline, Conflict Of Interest Looms

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