Wednesday, January 25, 2017


On imigration: 

An executive order calling for construction of "the wall" in border with Mexico.

An executive reinstating the Secure Communities Program which allows ICE to target illegal immigrants to be deported.  That also includes keeping people from any country that has a majority of muslims out of the US and keeps Fed money from sanctuary cities.

On Torture:
He said he has heard that torture works and would impose it within the law and if his Sec of Defense wanted it.

Illegal Voting:
tRump is ordering a Major investigation into his claims more than 3 million people voted illegally.  She said she even prayed for him, then she prayed for our country.

Ban on Public Communication
Departments ordered to no communication on social media or to news. EPA, FDA, National Park services and probably more were ordered to lock down web sites.  The object was to stop information on climate change to be promulgated.

Some Departments computers were scrubbed of climate change information.  Sientists have been franticly trying to copy all their research before it was destroyed.

The official White House Facebook page had a lot of info deleted from before trumps inauguration.

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