Monday, January 30, 2017

1/30/17 Immigration Ban Fallout

People are protesting all around the US especially at airports.  Families are being broken up and detained even if they live in the US and have valid green cards.  Those that have worked with the US military as interpreters have even been held.

tRumps minions are spinning it that it was President Obamas fault.

President Obama put restrictions on those people did not have to have a visa to come in to the US from those countries.  So sick of hearing the liars spin.  They think we are stupid. . .Well, I guess some are.

All this has started the violence against anyone that looks foreign or Muslim.  Even Quebec had a mosque shooting - 6 dead while praying.

I am leaving town for a few days, maybe the world will be back in shape by the time I get back.
Actually the rump will probably have destroyed something else by then judging by his performance so far.  And only 1 week down....

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