Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jan 22, 2017

I had forgot to mention that as soon as he could tRump fired all the US ambassadors throughout the world.  He hasn't picked replacements so we are a little short on representation throughout the world right now.

 That was not very smart, now was it.

I guess all day yesterday he was throwing a fit about someone comparing pictures of President Obama's inauguration to tRumps.  It showed how many more people attended President Obama's and that ticked him off.  He stood in front of the memorial of lost CIA people and ranted about how the pictures lied.

I found it interesting to see totally empty bleachers in the background of the inaugural parade.

tRump then had Spicer yell at the Press Corp about lying with the numbers.


Today Kellyann Conway was on all the programs.  She let us know when they lie it is called "alternate facts".

She also said that tRump would not put out his tax returns.

She also threw a little fit about the media, sort of theatened Chuck Todd "may have to change their relationship"

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