Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feb. 19, 2017

Well, lets see, I know there were some things that happened with different Administration people but I have forgotten what they were.  Kellyanne says she is not going to be on air any more....thank God.  Her bold face lying was making me just turn the channel.  She is aging faster than twump.  Then the Sec of Labor nominee stepped down amidst scandal.

twump has gone completely fruitcake at his "campaign" rally in Florida.  He said that there were riots or something in Sweden last night......FALSE NEWS.  He is so stupid he watches FOX news and takes it as truth.  The Swedes thinks he is nuts because they have not had terrorist  problems.  OK, we have Australia, Sweden, Mexico, so far insulted by twump. And, my daughter reminded me, also he stirred up China with his 2 China policy which he quickly changed back to a 1-China policy.

Since Mike Flynn was fireed from National Security adviser because of his connections with Russia, twump is looking for a replacement.  General David Petraeus dropped out of the you blame him.

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  1. He has also insulted China by talking to Taiwan before he was elected.