Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017 Another disturbing week

This seems to be the normal now days.  Things that are good are washed away by the trump admin and congress.  I swear the republicans want us to return to the 1700s.  There really are reasons many of these laws and regulations have been put in.  We learn as we go on and they were established to solve a problem.  Just because the problem doesn't exist any more doesn't mean the law should be done away with.....usually it is keeping the problem at bay.

So, this week:

twump has a popularity of 38% in the largest polls.
He is still tweeting crazy twitters and ranting whenever a camera is on him.  This week he has been mad at the FBI CIA, John McCann, Hillary Clinton, and biggest of all, the terrible Media!   There are probably a few more I can't remember now.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was fired by twump for lying to VP Pence saying he had not discussed sanctions with the Russian Ambassador when he called him the day President Obama put sanctions on Russia for hacking the DNC and for trying to sway the election.

It turns out information was leaked out that the phone calls were tapped by the FBI (common knowledge).  They showed that Flynn had lied to Pence and also the FBI.  The Temp. Attorney General Sally Bates (the one trump had fired regarding the immigration ban) had told both President Obama and trump that Flynn had made the call and did discuss easing the sanctions. trump didn't think anything wrong with doing that, though it is against the law for civilians to conduct foreign diplomacy,

Instead twrump has been ranting about the Fake News and the Fake Media.  He says Flynn is a great man and didn't do anything wrong (even though he fired him).

Jeff sessions was confirmed as Attorney General.
twrump signed a bill allowing pollution of streams by coal mining operations.

twrump signed a bill allowing oil companies to be able to hide bribes to foreign governments.  Tollison should be really happy with this one.  trump said it will take away a regulation from "burdening American extraction companies".

The President Obama-era transgender protection effort was reversed by a judge ruling.  Immediately Jeff Sessions said the DoJ will not contest the judge's ruling.

Andrew Puzder was nominated as Sec. of Labor.  but twump recalled his name after several scandals.
 He nominated Alex Acosta.  Acosta had been in charge of challenging the registration of 23,000 voters during the Bush admin.

He issued a new ObamaCare rule that makes getting coverage more difficult.

 ICE raids have been conducted in several states, arresting "dreamers" or others never convicted of a crime.

twump gave a news conference yesterday.  Ranted on the Media, praised Flynn, praised himself for winning election and acted very weird.
He will be holding a campaign rally in Florida as he is going down on his weekend trip to mara-laga,  He seems to miss the adulation of his supporters.

to allow coal-mining operations to put more pollution in streams. 

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