Friday, March 10, 2017

TrumpCare, TrumpCare, TrumpCare, TrumpCare, TrumpCare, TrumpCare! Take that White House!

The republicans hate President Obama soooo much they are destroying anything that he had his finger on or happened while he was president whether it was a good thing or had flaws in.

The health care act, "The Affordable Health Care Act" which republicans hated from the beginning and so they dubbed "ObamaCare" had a very rocky start just getting passed.  I watched some of the very many hearings on it and was amazed.  The repubs were trying to block every move.  The biggest one I watched was when they refused to allow a bargaining power for the AHCA to get lower prices for meds.  I couldn't believe it.  At the time, senior citizens were chartering buses to Canada to go up and buy cheaper meds because they couldn't afford them in the US.  You know the drugs must have been so high to make it worthwhile for them to charter a bus and take that long trip.

The repubs would not only not allow the AHCA bargaining power, they then passed a law that it was illegal for US citizens to buy their meds anywhere else!!  Can you believe it!

Anyhow, the Democrates were compromising all over to get something enough repubs would pass.  They dropped single-payer, for instance.  Anyhow, once the weakened bill passed then the repubs said it was so bad and railled against it ever since.

I know at least 4 people that were tremendously helped by ObamaCare.  One at least figures her life was saved.

So, anyhow TRUMPCARE.  They took out the funding for it.  ObamaCare required everyone to have insurance.  If you didn't you had to pay a fine.  This is so the fund had lots of healthy people in it and so their premiums paid for the sick people.  That is how regular insurance works....with car insurance they have lots of good drivers and their premiums help cover the bad ones.

Any how, that is called the risk factor and it is a normal thing.  The Repubs thought this was just terrible.  So, now their plan has no funding for it EXCEPT they plan on charging high premiums for infants and older people because they are the ones that have higher medical needs.  Sorry to tell them but these are the demographics that DON'T HAVE MONEY.   They took off the requirement that evreyone has to have insurance so there goes a lot of money, especially from the healthy young adults. And the fine for not having insurance is gone too.

Soooo, where is the sustaining funding from?

So far the AARP, AMA hospital orgs, etc. said they do not support TRUMPIDON"TCARE.

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