Sunday, April 2, 2017

rTump's 10 major campaign promises and status so far.

 From Robert Reich:

Here is the list of tRump's 10 major campaign promises, and what’s happened to them so far:
1. Repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act: Dead.
2. Ban Muslim travel to the U.S: Stopped by the federal courts.
3. Build a “wall” on border with Mexico: Nowhere.
4. Cut taxes for corporations: Nowhere.
5. Embark on “yuge” infrastructure investment: Nowhere.
6. Create “millions” of new manufacturing jobs. Nothing, other than expansions that already had been planned by several corporations.
7. "Drain the swamp" of Washington: Just the opposite. He's filled his Cabinet with billionaires, Wall Street moguls, and corporate influence-peddlars.
8. Deport millions of unauthorized immigrants: Underway, in a cruel dragnet that’s sweeping up people who have been productive members of their communities for years, and young people who came here as toddlers.
9. Renegotiate trade deals: Nowhere.
10. Bring a "business discipline" to Washington and "whip government into shape:" Just the opposite. His White House is in chaos, the executive branch is barely functioning, and Congress is a total mess.

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