Saturday, April 30, 2016

More sewing projects in my future.

I wore my new plaid bustle dress and realized now I need a new chemise and a new corset cover.  The new neckline is not working with my current chemise and corset cover.  I had to do some last minute adjustments Friday.

And then there was the "bump" along the lower edge of the neckline.  I thought it was fixed when I did little tacking stitches along there.  That edge is a little thick with the pleating and the velvet piping.   I then realized that when I sewed that seam the plaid fabric must a slipped a bit on that edge and there was just extra fabric.  I took out my original tacking and pushing up the fabric toward the piping, I tacked it down there to use up that extra fabric.  There was plenty of room to pull it up on the piping.  So I think it is really fixed this time.

This dress is a lot easier to wear than I thought it would be.  It is trained, so the back stays in the back.  I actually forgot there was a train most of the time.  And there isn't a hoop bustle, just a couple of trained petticoats.  It is a little difficult to get into the car, with all that fabric in the rear....don't want to leave anything outside the door!

I won't be wearing this dress while giving tours though.  I have people occasionally step on the back of my skirts without really a train.  I will be wearing it on "Station Days" for school classes, when I stay in one room and pass the class onto the next room, and on "Flow-Through" tours that we have on big events. Our guest can flow through the house at their own speed as the docents stay in one room.

Now I will start having to look into patterns for a new chemise and corset cover.  And my corset is starting to show a lot of wear so will think about making a new corset also.

All these projects will keep me busy as I wait of lift off day in June!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Plaid Bustle Dress

This project was a lot of fun.  A plaid fabric, first of all.  I really don't know how to match plaids the "correct" way.  And it was a new bodice pattern and skirt also.  They are both Truly Victorian patterns:

I changed the bodice back a bit.  I shortened the tail, left off the collar and made the sleeves 3-quarter length.

As always with a new pattern, it has to be traced.

One problem I had was getting the swag folds to lay right.  It took me a whole day to finally figure out what was wrong.

A bit of planning where pleats, etc. would go.

I decided to make the bodice before adding all the trim on the skirt.

 And then I added the frou frou.

I still have the waist fastenings and closing to finish, then I'm done.  Too bad I didn't have it for the Scottish Day at Ardenwood a couple of weeks ago.

A project I have been working on

More on this later!