Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Trip to Pacific Grove!

Can you believe it, two trips to Pacific Grove in two weeks!  Lucky me!

At our motel cabin:

A hop, skip and a jump from the Pacific
 After we arrived, my dear took a nap while I went for a walk down to the ocean.

 And then later we both walked down to the ocean to watch the sun set before going to dinner.

I love the ice plant even if it isn't indigenous to the area.

Then we had to say goodby.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This morning I sent an email to regarding the condition the velvet came in.  I have been stewing about it.  I did try to steam a bit of it but the velvet is so terribly crushed it didn't do a thing.  Because I am on a time constraint I was thinking that if I make the dress then I could have it dry cleaned to get the crush out so I did cut the skirt pieces out, which are HUGE.  Then I saw that not only the crush was a problem, but there is also a burn/melt thing going on on one side in a few inches from the salvage. It looks like salvage you sometimes see with little holes  on the side, but it isn't on the salvage.  Anyhow, I really need to get new velvet soon so hopefully will take back this fabric.  I am really disappointed by them.  I can't believe they would send such a mess.....and, at the end of the fabric was a big orange sticker "Jackpot".  Well, it wasn't me that got the jackpot!

But, in the meantime.  My dear hubby decided we should go for a short stay in Pacific Grove, which I immediately took him up on.  So the velvet situation is on hold for now.  I have 50% off coupons for Joann's Fabrics so may go there and get my new velvet, at least I can see that I am getting a good product.  I don't mind taking a chance on-line once in a while, but this was for a big project considering I have been beading my little fingers off on the lace!

And since I forgot my camera download cable I can't post all the pretty pics of this beautiful place.  Well, we are off to dinner and if we get home at a decent hour tomorrow I will post them for Thursday!  It was a gorgeous sunset!!!

The Mock Up

I decided to tackle the mock up to the burgandy velvet dress.  It is always handy to have some muslin in the stash!

The front
The folds come too far from the sides for what I have planned so some alterations need to be made.  I am going to take from the center front so I bring the draping folds nearer the center.  This will give me room to add that beaded insert on the front side.
From the side
The back
 The velvet was from the end of the bolt and is pretty crushed.  I am hoping that I can have it dry cleaned and the pile will be in good shape.  I am disappointed in for sending velvet in this condition.  I tried steaming some of it and it helped a bit.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Velvet has Arrived!

First of all!!!!   Happy Birthday to my baby!  Happy Birthday, Jen!  Love you!

Yesterday, the velvet for my next project was delivered!

And I planned to hit Joann's Fabrics for lining fabric....But guess what!  I checked my stash first and Lo and Behold!  I had 7 yds of lining and just the right color!  But, I do need to sit on it (not literally) before starting anything drastic, like cutting into fabric.  I do need to make a mock up of the skirt.  It will be from one of my new Truly Victorian patterns.  But I may have to alter it a bit, taking out some of the fullness on the sides.

And meanwhile I am still beading.  I am at least half way or more.  I dyed more lace than I know I need because I knew I would never be able to match the color exactly again....I just guess-temated the first time with 2 colors.  I will know how much I need beaded when get to the point of putting the lace insert on the skirt.

This is more what the velvet looks like except when the light hits it! So it is sort of more like something in the middle.

Beaded vs Unbeaded
Remember, this is the inspiration for this project!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Candlelight Tours!

The Patterson House at Ardenwood in candlelight mode.  Not haunted but a bit spooky

The Master Bedroom

Henry's Room
The dining Room 
The Guest Bedroom
See the ghostly figure in the mirror!
The lady in White

And a good night was had by all!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Beading, Beading, Beading

Still beading.  The fabric for the Burgundy Velvet Dress is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I've been beading as fast as I can.  I want to have as much done as possible for when I can add it to the dress.

This is for the trim on the skirt.  The roll on the left needs to be done, roll on the right is finished and between is partially done.

 Tomorrow I will be working a station day for the school kids.

 And it is the first of the 2 nights of Candlelight Tours.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you have your plans for Halloween completed?

It's coming up and and the current challenge is #22 Masquerade!

From http://the -

Fancy dresses and Masquerades have been popular for centuries, both as very organised pageants that blended into theatre, and as balls where all organization and constraints were abandoned. Masquerades as pageants were about creating another world, and as balls symbolised an escape from your ordinary life, and the rules of society. In fancy dress, with your face covered by a mask, you could step out of yourself. The Queen had as much responsibility as a peasant girl, a peasant girl (in the right dress) could rub elbows with a queen.

In this challenge, be inspired by historical fancy dress and masquerade, go whole-hog in an elaborate allegory or keep it simple with just a mask and a cape. Because masquerades were a loosening of the rules, and a step into a fantasy, the Historical Sew Fortnightly rules are a little looser, and this is a good excuse to make something that ventures into fantasy or an alternative universe. As long as your fantasy has some link to history, it counts.

For more information, see the Challenge page:

I have mine all ready to go for Friday night.  I'll post a picture then!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last day at Pacific Grove!

This morning Cathy and I went to Jens' cottage for a yummy breakfast.

My girls still play on the floor like when they were little!

Jen showing off her Fall cow shirt.

Then we went for a last walk at the ocean before leaving.  And then the girls played a trick on me.  Jenny decided to go home before us and left, then called to say she missed her turn off and would meet us in town.  So when we met up with her they had a whole ruse going, they had gotten me a painting that I had wanted, surprising me with it!  Little stinkers!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Missy and Her New Toy

 Jen gave Missy this great toy!   It must have been invented by a cat person for sure!  It starts and stops, and wiggles just like a cat likes!

But it is a little scary too.

Today at Pacific Grove!

We started the morning with breakfast and a walk to the ocean.....

The NOAA building

Then we hit the greatest quilt shop, visited Pacific Grove's huge antique store.

Jen is driving down to join us so we need to get lunch done  before she gets here.  So, while waiting for the restaurant to open, we visited the whale at the Children's Museum.

Ah, lunch.....   The pumpkin soup was soooo good!

Then Jen joined us and we went for another walk at the ocean.

And visited the cemetery..... the deer finally decided to go out for lunch.

 And for Halloween treats....

This tree is growing in the wrong spot!

Please note the name!

Jen brought us birthday cake and treats!

Meanwhile I've done a bit of beading!

The big roll of lace is what I have to do, the small roll is how much I've done.