Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Velvet has Arrived!

First of all!!!!   Happy Birthday to my baby!  Happy Birthday, Jen!  Love you!

Yesterday, the velvet for my next project was delivered!

And I planned to hit Joann's Fabrics for lining fabric....But guess what!  I checked my stash first and Lo and Behold!  I had 7 yds of lining and just the right color!  But, I do need to sit on it (not literally) before starting anything drastic, like cutting into fabric.  I do need to make a mock up of the skirt.  It will be from one of my new Truly Victorian patterns.  But I may have to alter it a bit, taking out some of the fullness on the sides.

And meanwhile I am still beading.  I am at least half way or more.  I dyed more lace than I know I need because I knew I would never be able to match the color exactly again....I just guess-temated the first time with 2 colors.  I will know how much I need beaded when get to the point of putting the lace insert on the skirt.

This is more what the velvet looks like except when the light hits it! So it is sort of more like something in the middle.

Beaded vs Unbeaded
Remember, this is the inspiration for this project!

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  1. Thanks for the b-day wish.

    You are super fast - can't believe you are already more than half done with that beading.