Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today at Pacific Grove!

We started the morning with breakfast and a walk to the ocean.....

The NOAA building

Then we hit the greatest quilt shop, visited Pacific Grove's huge antique store.

Jen is driving down to join us so we need to get lunch done  before she gets here.  So, while waiting for the restaurant to open, we visited the whale at the Children's Museum.

Ah, lunch.....   The pumpkin soup was soooo good!

Then Jen joined us and we went for another walk at the ocean.

And visited the cemetery..... the deer finally decided to go out for lunch.

 And for Halloween treats....

This tree is growing in the wrong spot!

Please note the name!

Jen brought us birthday cake and treats!

Meanwhile I've done a bit of beading!

The big roll of lace is what I have to do, the small roll is how much I've done.

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