Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you have your plans for Halloween completed?

It's coming up and and the current challenge is #22 Masquerade!

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Fancy dresses and Masquerades have been popular for centuries, both as very organised pageants that blended into theatre, and as balls where all organization and constraints were abandoned. Masquerades as pageants were about creating another world, and as balls symbolised an escape from your ordinary life, and the rules of society. In fancy dress, with your face covered by a mask, you could step out of yourself. The Queen had as much responsibility as a peasant girl, a peasant girl (in the right dress) could rub elbows with a queen.

In this challenge, be inspired by historical fancy dress and masquerade, go whole-hog in an elaborate allegory or keep it simple with just a mask and a cape. Because masquerades were a loosening of the rules, and a step into a fantasy, the Historical Sew Fortnightly rules are a little looser, and this is a good excuse to make something that ventures into fantasy or an alternative universe. As long as your fantasy has some link to history, it counts.

For more information, see the Challenge page:

I have mine all ready to go for Friday night.  I'll post a picture then!

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