Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Mock Up

I decided to tackle the mock up to the burgandy velvet dress.  It is always handy to have some muslin in the stash!

The front
The folds come too far from the sides for what I have planned so some alterations need to be made.  I am going to take from the center front so I bring the draping folds nearer the center.  This will give me room to add that beaded insert on the front side.
From the side
The back
 The velvet was from the end of the bolt and is pretty crushed.  I am hoping that I can have it dry cleaned and the pile will be in good shape.  I am disappointed in fabric.com for sending velvet in this condition.  I tried steaming some of it and it helped a bit.

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  1. Mom, you really need to send that fabric back. That is horrible. I looked it up and they have a free return policy as long as it under 30 days. You shouldn't have to make the fabric look good - you paid for it to be good.