Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hems and Waistbands

The Bustle Petticoat is now hemmed and has a buttonhole and button.  Consider it DONE!

A bustle pad goes on the top of the bustle.

Now the underskirt needs the hem and waistband done.

So now that is done and although the hem in the photo looks crooked, it really isn't.

 So the underskirt basics is DONE, but I may add some embellishment later.

So.....here we go!  THE BODICE!!!!!!!  1884 French Vest Bodice
This pattern is supposed to take all things into consideration, as far as fitting goes.  We will see about that!  I'm making a mockup version first.

 So, I cut out the mock-up from the left over fabric I made the brown skirt out of in the Spring.  Except the sleeves.  We will see how the other pieces fit first.  I know the sleeves are going to need to be shortened.

In the meantime...... Lookie what I found in the very back of the closet!!
A burgandy velvet skirt in mid construction from years ago!  Hmm, I can re-purpose that for something interesting.  At that time, I had to make up my own skirt patterns.

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