Monday, September 30, 2013

More Peaceful Sunday Evenings

Three years ago when I arrived home from our "Slice of America 1" road trip after 30 days on the road with our eldest daughter's family and my sister and her daughter, I came home to my husband watching a series I had never seen before.  You see, my husband was home all that time and our youngest son was with him part of the time for a good visit.  Boy, did they have fun!  Ice cream treats each night and other food specialties!

Anyhow, my first impression of the TV series was not very good.....of course. I came in on one of the especially violent scenes, too.  Our son had brought the discs of the complete series up to that point and every night they were watching it.  So by the time I got home, dear hubby was totally hooked.

Last night was the final show of "Breaking Bad".  I have to admit, I got hooked too eventually.  It was sort of a love/hate thing.  It had a good way of ending and tied up all the loose ends and I am really glad it is DONE.  It wasn't the greatest series to go to bed on but the story always went in directions you would never guess.

I realized that I hadn't finished the bustle petticoat's hem before I had gone to my daughters house to animal sit her pets.  So, while watching the final episode of Breaking Bad I was hemming the petticoat.
I had planned on hemming the underskirt but figured I should finish the first project first.

I did try the underskirt on with the bustle petticoat and it looked great!  Tomorrow, pictures!

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