Saturday, September 7, 2013

Leaks and Presents

This is the mess that awaited the plumber yesterday:

That's the bad stuff, but then theres the good stuff!

The leak has been fixed!  It looks like the inlet pipe had cracked and had been leaking for awhile, like possibly almost a year.  Our water bill had gone up considerably and though we really watched our water use it hadn't improved much. That is why we have been checking and repairing landscape pipes all this summer.  There had been drips at outside faucets that have now been fixed.  And then we fixed the pipe under the patio which led to the patio repair project.  That in turn led to cleaning out ferns around the valves, which is how we found the leak.  It was not a drip, more like a fine spray!

Anyhow, last night the plumber came and the water is back on!!!

And then.....

Our Son-in-law gave me one of his old smart phones, he is a sweetie!

And then....

And Jen sent me all these little "phone dresses" and other little toys for the phone.......

I think of these like little Barbie dresses.  I guess my phone needs a new little outfit each day.

And then there is this little Nija turtle-like costume for my phone on Halloween!

And this little pouch is like a purse for phones.  Have to have that credit card at all times!

 So, aren't I lucky!  Thank you, Jen and Robert!


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