Thursday, September 5, 2013

Still waiting...

I am really anxious to finish my new Victorian corset but have to wait for my new busk and stays before I go any further on it.

And so what does our FedX guy do yesterday....stops in front of our house like he is delivering my package.....and then takes off without bringing anything up and instead goes down the street to some neighbor's house.  Cruel, just cruel.

I also have several patterns and some material due to arrive also!

Last night we went across the bay to Menlo Park to see the movie Austenland.  I thought it could be really cute from what I had heard.  Oh, what a joke that movie is.  There is just a fragment of story line, and some of the worst acting, stupid characters and, by the way, we both hated it.

But we had a nice evening anyway. We lived in Menlo Park the first year of our marriage so it always nostalgic whenever we go over there.  After the movie we went back to Palo Alto for our gellato treat.

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