Friday, September 6, 2013

Just a little something to make life exciting...

Last night we had our incoming water line spring a pretty good leak.  Of course the leak was right before the turn off valve at the house.  This was after the sun set, to make things a little more challenging.  We tried to turn the water off at the street, turned the valve 90 degrees but were nervous about trying to turn it any further.  If that valve broke there would be a REAL problem.

We called the water company, asked the call service to ask them if the valve turned further than 90 degrees.  They happened to be working on a problem a half a mile away so they dropped by and turned the valve off for us.  At least we didn't have water running all night.

The pipe is PVC and it may have sprung a tiny leak as long as last summer.  Our water bill really spiked and has been pretty high since then even though we have been very careful watering.  We had our termite company do their first annual check a about a month ago.  They saw there was a real wet spot under the house right on the other side of the foundation from where this leak is.

No water and of course. it was right as I finished dinner.  Dirty dishes.

We do have Lucy, our RV, with about a half a tank of water (and the toilet that will flush)!

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  1. YUCK! We had that happen last year - our neighbors were nice enough to come over and fix the pipe for us.

    Glad you had Lucy. She has come in handy more than once!