Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review!

One of the reasons I keep this blog is so I can keep track of all that has happened and when it happened.

So, 2014 Highlights:

January -
Aunt Edna passed away January 4
Joined Greater Bay Area Costume Guild
Started  and finished Beading and Downton Abbey Dress for me

February -
Visited Murphys
Started Beading and Downton Abbey Dress for Jen

March -
Finished Beading and Downton Abbey Dress for Jen
Made for Jen, chemise, corset, corset cover, bustle petticoat
 Rented outfits for Dear Hubby and Spencer for Downton Abbey Ball
Our dear grand-dog, Otis has left us.

April -
Attended Downton Abbey Ball
Made Regency Chemise
Started Regency short stays (not finished)
Ardenwood season starts

May -
New back fence
Floors refinished
RV sold

June -
Ben is accepted into Stanford's Lucille Packard PANDA/PANS study

July -
Alaska Cruise with Jen and Cathy

August -
Chemise for Jen
Corset for Jen
Corset Cover for Jen
Bustle petticoat for Jen
Jen's Bustle skirt

September -
Jen's Bustle Dress bodice
Victorian Mourning Dress
Hat for Jen
Pacific Grove

October  -
Weeper sleeves and Mournng Handkerchief
Started Robert's Mountie coat

November -
Stayed with Jen's animals while they were on cruise
Finished Robert's coat

December -
Christmas at Ardenwood
Victorian Christmas Tea at Palace Hotel

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Victorian High Tea at the Palace Hotel - Jen's pictures!

I get a little shy about taking pictures of people, but I knew I could count on Jen to do it!

This lady's dress was so pretty with all the antique lace!

Everyone was so totally different!

And all were so lovely!

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Everyone was checking out fabrics and styles!

Julian and I

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This beautiful dress has hand-embroidered trim around it AND on each button!  Beautiful!

Whoops!  guess you can tell where I copied Jen's pictures from!
This lovely ladies fabric came to her as a gift from a friend in India!

Tourists loved it and we spent a lot of time posing for them.
So, now you have seen all our pictures!  Flicker may have others because the shutters were clicking!!

TheVictorian High Tea at the Palace Hotel 2014- more pics!

After the tea pictures were taken around the Christmas tree while listening to the harpist play.  Then a bunch of us went up to the 2nd floor and took pictures from there.

Jeanie and our daughter, Jen and our handsome Mountie, Robert!

As dusk was descending . .  .

What a wonderful time we had in such a beautiful place!  Lots of memories!