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Helpful Sites for Victorian Costuming

This is just a group of bookmarks I have collected over a period of time. A lot of them are just interesting to visit so don't be put off if they look WAY over your head and beyond your skill. There are lots of people out there that have taken all kinds of cothing design classes and do costuming for the films, then there are just those that want to have fun and learn something on the way. Just start where you are and go forward!

Start with a very inexpensive fabric and make a mock up. Took me years to accept that. I never wanted to take the time. Sometimes I end up using the mock up as the lining to the real thing.

Victorians lined almost every thing and boned, a lot! Corset and boned bodice gives the correct look. Even loose blouses had a tight boned bodice.

History of Fashion **Fabric history

search for:
Fashion - Victorian 1 by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Victorian 2 (Crinoline, Bustle, Sisi dresses) by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Victorian 3 (Crinoline, Bustle) by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Victorian 4 (Leg-o-Mutton Sleeves, Sportswear) by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Victorian 5 (Crinoline, Bustle, Leg-o-Mutton Sleeves) by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Victorian 6 (Bustle) by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Edwardian 1 by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Edwardian 2 by PiepMiau04
Fashion - Edwardian 3 by PiepMiau04

How to get dressed:
Historical Lingerie & Corset Dressing Sequence - Lace Embrace - by The Lingerie Addict


A Pattern Review -
Vintage Clothing Links - example -

Lessons & Tips
She offers a free newsletter, tips pattern reviews and for fee online classes, sewing workbooks.

Dress Forms & Fitting Info


Fabric, lace, notions, etc.F
*great for buttons when Joanns Fab doesn't carry enough or the right ones.


Period Shoes


Challenges, Tips, Photos, Questions answered

Gentlemen's Info

Ready Made and Accessories - For Ladies and Gentlemen

Costume Organizations
Greater Bay Area Costume Guild
Art Deco Society of California


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