Monday, December 22, 2014

Today I have special things to do!

I have to run out early and get all the stocking stuffers!  My girls think the stockings are the most important Christmas traditions.  I tried to do away with them a few years ago, but boy, I ran into a lot of flak.  So they are back to stay.....but I have to go out and get the stuff!

Then, my sister will be at our daughter's so I want to get over there, too.

And I have to go get stuff for the Christmas buffet so I need to make the list.

And I have to make sure I don't forget anything when we go up to San Francisco for the tea.  It should be interesting going on BART with suitcases.  Well, we won't be the only ones.  Several people had theirs last night.

Oh, I did say I was going to share a picture of my new fabric!

Someone was kind enough to post on Facebook this fabric that was on sale.  I bought 7 yds so there will be a project in the future!   It is linen and wool, medium weight.  A 1989 walking dress, maybe or maybe an afternoon dress. Any suggestions??

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