Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ahh! A finish to making the hat and...... RAIN, AGAIN??!!

I had a hat started: the buckram was put together, that is, the top was attached to the brim.  So, I had taken that start, took off the brim, made it smaller and a different shape.  Then covered it with the burgundy velvet that matches the burgundy dress I will wear with it.

I made bow loops to get height and a lighter, shinier rose burgundy fabric for a lighter effect.  But, it really needed some texture and I couldn't think of what to put together that would "fit".  It just so happened, I came across a small hairpiece I had made last Christmas to wear with the Burgundy Dress.  BINGO!  So I added it to the hat, and I like it!

And we are going to get a REAL rain by Thursday morning.....if we can believe the weatherman.  San Francisco Bay Area weather is usually so boring, mostly good weather and nothing out of the ordinary.  That makes the news weather people blow up a little change into something spectacular! And what moisture does come in, usually starts up in the very northern California and dies out by the time it gets to us. We don't believe them any more.

We have been getting a bunch of attention because we have been in a drought for 3 years and it is  really bad.  We have lost lots of our plants and our front yard lawn died for lack of H2O but has come back somewhat because of the little times of sprinkles we have had this fall.  We seem to be in a little sweet spot that all around us can get some rain and we get just barely.  BUT, this time, MAYBE, we just might get a really good soaking!

Well, it looks impressive, considering how little we have been getting!

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