Thursday, December 11, 2014

The "Storm of the Century'!

As I have said before, our San Francisco Bay Area weather is boring.  Beautiful, but boring.  Now, I really do commiserate with all those in the rest of the country east of us, but sometimes it is like they are just hogging the news.

Well, we have certainly had our share of the news in the last few days.  Hyping it all up until we are all scared to death.  North of San Francisco ALWAYS gets the storms hardest and first.  And then drill down to our town, w are lucky if we just get any rain, especially the last 3 years.  So, since any drips are blown up to sound like a hurricane is coming in, we are all taking this storm with a big grain of salt.....although I have to say, everyone is cautious, but skeptical.

I brought out the weather radio I had gotten a couple years ago for our cross country trip.  I wanted to see if it still works.  It really worked on our Slice of America 2 trip when the alarm went off warning us of a huge sand storm when we were at the White Sands desert in New Mexico.

Well, it works!  The alarm went off at 7am with a wind alarm!

So I got up, like I say, we live in a sweet spot and so far, very little wind, warm and a bit of wet cement but no drips in it yet!

I am expecting more when it gets here, but you can't believe all the news people that think we are about to drop off the edge of the earth.

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