Saturday, December 27, 2014

The GBACG Victorian Tea at the Palace Hotel 2014

Friday afternoon we rode up to San Francisco on BART with 2 suitcases (one full of our costumes, the other the rest of the incidentals).  We got seats, a very good thing.  My dear husband isn't always steady on his feet.  We got off at the Montgomery Street station, exited at the New Montgomery exit and Voila!  right in front of the Palace Hotel Door!

We had a room for the first night and Jen and Robert were in the same room for tonight.  That arrangement meant we had a room to get dressed for the tea and then undressed and dressed for the ride home.  We had a great evening in SF and even get to bed very early.

I took some pictures but my camera doesn't take good pictures unless the light is just right, but better than none......

Once we walked in to the Palace Hotel opulence was evident!

 And then we went out and checked out all the BIG Christmas trees that seemed to be everywhere!

We saw a lot and still managed to get to bed at the hotel early.

This morning Jen and Robert and friend Jeannie all arrived after very crowded rides in to the City.  People from all over were coming in to San Francisco for shopping and to see the Christmas sights before they disappear again.

But once they all arrived we went up to the room and got dressed for the tea!  When we finally went down to meet everyone at 1:30 it looked like the Palace Hotel had gone back in time over a hundred years.  And everyone started taking pictures!

This lovely dress had antique lace.

Jeannie and Jen were in their glory and Robert, our Mountie was putting his gauntlets on.

And I just started taking snapshots.  Such beautiful outfits!

More photos tomorrow!

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