Friday, December 12, 2014


We survived the "Storm of the Century".  I did notice its title did change to "Storm of the Decade" as time went on.  Our little spot on earth does not even have a puddle of standing water this morning.  As we watched the satellite photos of the red/orange stuck over us for hours, it dawned on me that the colors on the photos need to be changed.  Red and Oranges tell me major action!  The colors should have been in shades of blue to black (as in black hole).  The more rain the darker the shade of blue.  Wind can be in Red and Orange.  There is a big difference between rain and wind.

I know some places had all kinds of problems, but seriously, if you build your house on a hill, or a cliff near the ocean, then you are the problem.  If you put a coast redwood in your front yard, you are the problem.  The redwoods in the forest topple all the time.  If, like in Petaluma, your place floods 39 times in 50 years, you are the problem and it is not newsworthy.  On the other hand, there were places that just don't normally flood because the rain just kept coming, that is newsworthy.  Sorry, but I am afraid when the news builds up these storms to crisis stage, no one will pay attention next time.

Anyhow, here in our little sweet spot it was a normal rain, if you can remember what it was like to have normal rain.  Our gravel path in the back yard used to be full of water after a good never got full this time.

So, while it was raining . . .
     I cut out a new chemise for my Christmas Burgundy Dress.  I will be wearing it tonight at our Ardenwood Patterson House open house this evening 5-9pm.

Then I added labels to various things I have made lately.  I started doing this last year and wish I had done it earlier.  I list the pattern, date, size and if it needs to be dry cleaned.

And then spent some time putting up some Christmas decorations I haven't done for several years.

And this morning, I checked for downed limbs, etc.  - no damage.  No standing water in the walkway.

And the succulents that were on their last leg during this drought!!  They are loving the rain~

The aloe has his hands up in thanksgiving!  I think he has grown 2 inches.  He was pretty sad until last week.

And this, is a chalk....something.  It is usually a lot grayer and has a chalky powder on it.  He was about to give it up and croak.  And LOOK AT HIM NOW!  I wish I would have taken before pictures because it is just hard to believe how happy he is now.

This drought has had me so depressed with the yard I haven't been taking pictures.   One good thing about the drought was that even the weeds didn't grow.  After last weeks sprinkles the weed have come back to life!  Maybe this year will be a good year in the garden!!

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  1. Love the little house set up - looks awesome with the play house in the backyard. :)