Sunday, December 21, 2014

San Francisco! So Beautiful!

We took BART up to the city last night to experience a bit of Big City Christmas.  There sure were a lot of shoppers!  And all the lights and decorations were so beautiful, and the singers in the firetrucks and just everything.

Just a few photos to give you an idea.  My camera does not like to work well in the dark so some are fuzzy.  I was so excited, most of the time I forgot to take pictures!

Meet Ben!  He was so excited when we got to SF.  Later he wore down and was not as alert.  I will give you an update tomorrow on his treatment.

There were lots of decorated windows lit up, but this won took the prize.  They sure don't know the work simplicity!  An "A type" person must be their buyer!
It is hard to see but there is a bench with "hear no evil..... monkeys.  Tim decided to join them.

Tim loves drains, pipes, holes, grates and has to check each one out.

Luke and Evan were doing photo shoots everywhere!  We had our own paparazzi.

We watched the Menorah lighting ceremony.

Photos with the Winter Angel.

Another grate!

The photographers on the way home.  See the cameras on the belts.  They look rather cool don't they.

We had so much fun!

Did I share with you my new neat fabric????  Well, if I haven't, I will tomorrow!

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