Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friday Evening at the Patterson House

Christmas is in the air!  The rain held off Friday night, thank you.  But it did start getting cold!  Especially near the front door which was open almost the whole time for arriving guests.  I was in the Guest Parlor so my hands were cold.

I took a few pictures during times there were no guests in the Guest Parlor area.  My camera has not been performing that well in darkened areas, but for what it's worth. . .
 We had a little scavenger hunt for each room:  a monarch butterfly and something particular to each room.  Can you see the monarch butterfly in the Guest Parlor!

 The theme of the Foyer is wildland.  And they did a great job of decorating.

A view from downstairs to upstairs.

 The woodwork in the foyer.  I love it.

Lots of fun and about 250 guests through the house.


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