Friday, February 26, 2016

Robert's knickerbockers

I've been working on Robert's knickerbockers for a bit now.  It has been very interesting working with men's tailoring.

Robert did a fast little fitting with the mockup after the Egyptian Expedition event.  After that I started working with the "real" fabric.  This is fabric that I bought when I was up at Jen's house.  There was a fabric store going out of business and Jen and I visited them twice!  I bought this fabric (with no info on what it is made of) for $3 a yard.  It is like a tweed, somewhat loose weave.  It probably has polyester in it. . . and maybe some cotton?  I did shrink it by misting and steaming it.  It does wrinkle somewhat.

I was so happy how the pockets turned out.  I thought they were going to be really puckery.

 This is in the middle of the project with the Laughing Moon pattern #119.

 This is where I am at now.

 There are a lot more buttons than you would imagine.

 I need to get the buckle for the back strap and the buttons for the suspenders.  They had the buttons even though they may not use suspenders.

 And then I will be starting the bands around the bottom of the knickerbockers.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Egyptian Expedition

Last weekend was the Greater Bay Area Costume event "The Egyptian Expedition"!  It was held at the Rosacrution Egyptian Museum in San Jose.

My phone camera was a total flop on photos of the event, but luckily Jen's worked fine.