Monday, February 1, 2016

Robert's Casual Sack Jacket

Robert has the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Uniform which he is alway such a hit in, but I figured he needs something a little more casual (and cooler!)  The uniform is a rather thick wool and is really warm in the summer.

When I was up at Jen's house a couple weeks ago, we went shopping at a fabric store going out of business.  One of the fabrics I found was for Robert's Sack Jacket at only $3 per yard.

First I had to inflate Rob's body!

 This is the pattern I decided to use.

I may have enough fabric to make some knickers too!
Then after making a really fast mock up, I started cutting out the fabric and interfacings.

After a day of tracing and cutting out patterns and fabric, another day of putting the outside together and today of doing the lining I am to the point of getting buttons and putting in the buttonholes.

 Then there will be a fitting, buttons and their holes, shoulder pads, a bit of hand sewing the sleeves and bottom hem and DONE!

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