Friday, February 26, 2016

Robert's knickerbockers

I've been working on Robert's knickerbockers for a bit now.  It has been very interesting working with men's tailoring.

Robert did a fast little fitting with the mockup after the Egyptian Expedition event.  After that I started working with the "real" fabric.  This is fabric that I bought when I was up at Jen's house.  There was a fabric store going out of business and Jen and I visited them twice!  I bought this fabric (with no info on what it is made of) for $3 a yard.  It is like a tweed, somewhat loose weave.  It probably has polyester in it. . . and maybe some cotton?  I did shrink it by misting and steaming it.  It does wrinkle somewhat.

I was so happy how the pockets turned out.  I thought they were going to be really puckery.

 This is in the middle of the project with the Laughing Moon pattern #119.

 This is where I am at now.

 There are a lot more buttons than you would imagine.

 I need to get the buckle for the back strap and the buttons for the suspenders.  They had the buttons even though they may not use suspenders.

 And then I will be starting the bands around the bottom of the knickerbockers.

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