Monday, September 2, 2013

I not only forgot my camera....

Saturday was a strange day.  It was a beautiful day but evidently my head was not engaged.

First of all when dressing for Ardenwood I kept forgetting the order of dressing....which is very important to remember when dressing Victorian.   And besides that, I want a maid to help me dress.  You know, one of those that do your hair up in wonderful styles, reminds you of what to put on next, and tightens the corset and hooks the myriad hooks in back (OK, I'm just whinning.)

Anyhow, I started with the chemise, did the hair, remembered the corset but forgot the corset cover.
Put on the skirt, forgetting the petticoats, put on the blouse, (managed the hooks) then realized I forgot the corset cover.  I undid the bottom half of the blouse hooks, slipped my arms out and put on the corset cover with the blouse hanging off my neck.

Then I realized I forgot my stockings and the petticoats...bummer.  Managed to get on the stockings, even with the corset on.  Then put only 1 petticoat on without taking off the skirt, trying to get it up between chemise and skirt.  Lots of material to work around!

Finally, dressed.  At least my shoes could slip on and doesn't have button and buttonhook issues.  I would have had to undress to the chemise I think if I had to do button up shoes.

I never have had so many issues getting dressed before, I think I do need that maid.

And no, I didn't wear my Afternoon Tea Gown.  We didn't have flow through tours yesterday though we had tons of people.  Next flow through may not be till Christmas.