Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Patterns!

These are the three patterns I will be making copies of today.  These patterns are marked for many sizes.  My copies are for my sizes so I won't have to cut the originals.

These are the patterns I will be using to create my bustle dress.  I have learned that you start with the bustle (which I have finished) and go on to an underskirt which is the pattern on the right.  Then the bodice is made and fitted to fit over the skirt and underthings.  And an overskirt can be added, which is the pattern in the center.  Different looks can be created by changing the overskirt.  But generally it looks like the overskirt is supposed to look like it is the real skirt that is just pulled up and back.  So usually it matches the bodice.

I would have started with the bodice because it will be the hardest and the most challenging.  Lots of fittings.  Doing research has helped me with the obvious correct order to create the "look".

It should be very interesting!

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