Friday, October 18, 2013

Inspired by a Victorian Dress

My next BIG project is to come up with a dress that is inspired by this one:

 The beaded part is just so beautiful but there is no way I can reproduce that much beading like that in my life time.  So, I have thought about it for days and came up with this solution.  Several months ago I bought a bunch of really nice lace.

I decided to use the lace on the far right for this project.  I went on a hunt for Ritz dye and was surprised to only find it at Joann's Fabric.  It used to be all over, even in the grocery stores.  Anyhow, I have never dyed anything before so I was ready for a big mess and worried that it would not turn out well.  The color I wanted was burgundy because that is the color of the velvet.  The dye available was wine, red and scarlet.  I bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of scarlett, because the wine color was too blue so I figured the scarlett would bring out the red.  So I heated up the water in a pan, poured in about a quarter of the wine color.  The I eyeballed how much scarlet I needed.  After putting on gloves, getting paper towels at the ready, I put in a trial piece of the lace.  Since I didn't really know what the lace was made of, I didn't know how the lace would take the dye.  Some polyester would just lightly take it.  But.....It just soaked it up instantly!

So, after about 25 min I took it all outside and slowly poured the dye in an inconspicuous place in the yard (it is veggie dye). No mess, no fuss.  And the lace was a beautiful burgundy!

I rinsed it out with cold water, dried it and tried some beading!

It's going to work fine!

So now to do some beading every evening!

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