Thursday, October 17, 2013

The "Lady in White"

The Patterson House at Ardenwood will be giving candlelight tours Friday and Saturday (10/25 & 10/26, 2013.

The house is dressed for fall, lit with candles and oil lamps. The tours start at the train station, following the candlelit path to the house.

The Patterson House is not a haunted house, but it may be a little spooky. We don't have a resident ghost but I have heard rumors that the Niles Canyon "Lady in White" may visit.  I wonder if I can do one of those ghostbuster tricks and take photos of our "visitor"!

The house lit up with oil lamps really gives ambiance of "before electricity".  One Christmas about 20 years ago, right before the house opened for evening tours, a mouse bit into an electricity wire and the whole house was in the dark.  Lucky for us we had plenty of oil lamps and they saved the day.  That started us using some oil light for evening tours.

$8 at the door
    or $7 per person with Advance Registration at
Groups of up to 16 per tour
More information at The Patterson House at 510 791-4196, Recreation Services at 510 494-4300, or at

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