Sunday, October 13, 2013

BUSTLE DRESS IS FINISHED (except for trims)!

Today I put on the whole regalia!  It was actually the first time I put the dress with all it's fixins on at the same time.  "Betsy" has been wearing it all most of the time.  I was a little intimidated with that bustle petticoat.  I hadn't even tried it on once the ties were tied up.  I thought it might really rub against the back of my legs, or that it would be heavy.

It was a lot easier to get into than my usual turn of the century clothing.  Buttons in the front really makes a big difference.

 A pleasant surprise, the bustle is very light, doesn't rub and you really can't tell it is there.

And then I tried to do a "selfie" as my daughter calls it...

Then I went out to try the "Grand Experiment"...getting into the car with all the gear on!  Actually, the hoops just fold up and other than scooting back the seat a notch, it was as easy as pie!  The hard part is doing it with a hat on.  Which brings up another project, an 1875 ish hat!  All my hats are too big for 1870s.  I might be able to get by with this one though:

But I just might skip a hat tomorrow.

In the process of getting all gussied up I put on my great grandmother's necklace,  which was given to her when she was 16 years old by her father.   The necklace never went with my other outfits, but it looks so nice with this one.

And then...... Our oldest son dropped by and we ended up talking about the family tree, etc.  In the process of finding some info for him I unearthed an old family album.  Looking through it, I came across a photo of my great grandmother.

And look what she has around her neck!  The necklace!

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