Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 8 - Trial Run of the Overskirt

I have been stewing a bit about the sleeves on the bodice....but I wanted to do fun stuff like the Overskirt.  So I am still stewing about the sleeves, while working on the overskirt.

The sleeves are just not right.  The period of 1870s called for not much height in the sleeve, or gathering.  I think I need to remove the sleeves and cut them smaller at the top of the arm a bit, but later....

 The overskirt.  LOTS of material for this project.

All is going fine, except... You see, there are only 3 pieces but 2 of them are HUGE.  Since my fabric is 45" wide I followed the directions for 45", but then it dawned on me last night (always these things come up as I am just falling asleep)  that I didn't take into consideration that I am working with stripes.  And the stripes in the front are going the wrong direction.  Lucky for me I have enough material to redo that piece, but it means redoing a lot of work.  Oh, well, it is just for fun!

A couple of pics to show you what I mean.  Keep in mind though, all the tapes aren't pulled up and it really isn't finished, as you can tell by the waistband.  See that front middle part... the stripes.

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  1. I Love the color of this dress. Gorgeous!!!