Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This morning I sent an email to Fabric.com regarding the condition the velvet came in.  I have been stewing about it.  I did try to steam a bit of it but the velvet is so terribly crushed it didn't do a thing.  Because I am on a time constraint I was thinking that if I make the dress then I could have it dry cleaned to get the crush out so I did cut the skirt pieces out, which are HUGE.  Then I saw that not only the crush was a problem, but there is also a burn/melt thing going on on one side in a few inches from the salvage. It looks like salvage you sometimes see with little holes  on the side, but it isn't on the salvage.  Anyhow, I really need to get new velvet soon so hopefully Fabric.com will take back this fabric.  I am really disappointed by them.  I can't believe they would send such a mess.....and, at the end of the fabric was a big orange sticker "Jackpot".  Well, it wasn't me that got the jackpot!

But, in the meantime.  My dear hubby decided we should go for a short stay in Pacific Grove, which I immediately took him up on.  So the velvet situation is on hold for now.  I have 50% off coupons for Joann's Fabrics so may go there and get my new velvet, at least I can see that I am getting a good product.  I don't mind taking a chance on-line once in a while, but this was for a big project considering I have been beading my little fingers off on the lace!

And since I forgot my camera download cable I can't post all the pretty pics of this beautiful place.  Well, we are off to dinner and if we get home at a decent hour tomorrow I will post them for Thursday!  It was a gorgeous sunset!!!

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