Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 1 Mockup and Alterations

I finished cutting out my mock up for the bodice.

I machine-basted all the pieces together and I did have to re-do the side pieces making them wider, and the back/side back needed to be taken in.  Then there were a few other places where seams need to be taken in.

I need to keep in mind that my mock up does not have flatlining or lining at this point so that will add to the fit of the overall bodice.  Also I need to check if there is boning in the bodice,  that can add up to an inch!

At this point is where I have to use discipline on myself to go slow with the mock up.  I get itchy to get to the real thing.  So far, it looks pretty good towards getting how I want it to fit.

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