Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day

Today, October 6 is PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day

No, it is not about those cute black and white bears.  Instead, it is about a situation that creates harm, worry, and disruption of families by a disease that affects the brain of children and makes them exhibit all kinds of strange behaviors, especially when their immune systems are low.

For more information on just what PANDAS is I would refer you to:

Our grandson, Ben has this darn disease.  Ben is exceptionally sweet, kind, quiet and obedient kid.  When he has an episode of PANDAS he changes dramatically.  He spaces out, has OCD, tics, pacing and a variety of other symptoms, some shockingly different than his normal behavior.

When he was diagnosed with PANDAS it was rarely known even by doctors.  There were 1 or 2 doctors that worked with this disease in all of the U.S.  Awareness is growing fast though.

 I think that a lot of children have this but have not been diagnosed correctly and are considered problem children, autistic or  psychological schizophrenic.

He is now being seen by a doctor working with PANDAS patients at Lucille Packard Hospital at Stanford University.

Hopefully something will be found to completely knock this disease down, and quickly.

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