Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 6 - Sleeves

When our house was being built it kept changing dimensions.....when the foundation was laid out it looked huge, when the foundation was actually poured it looked smaller, when the frame went up it was huge again and then as walls went up it was smaller again.  This is what has gone on with this bustle dress project!

Fittings have seemed to changed as it went on....Sometimes everything lays just right, then other times they don't.

The sleeves are in and the lining is ready to be hand-sewn to the sleeve linings.

And the pleats in the back are ready to have their tops hand-sewn

Breakfast was just so pretty, I just had to take of picture of it.  My husband over bought on pears and they were ripening fast.  This morning they became part of breakfast!  Yumm!

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