Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pacific Grove, CA

After driving down to San Juan Baptista we had lunch at Casa Rosa.  This restaurant has been in business forever, but the original owner's son has been running it for 45 years and is ready to retire.  At the end of this year it will be put up for sale and he is going to retire.  We were lucky enough to experience a wonderful lunch today.  I had Old California Cassorole and Cathy had Chicken Souffle.  Lunch came with a salad and rolls hot out of the oven.  There were about 10 different jams to try, all were wonderful!

We then went for a short walk around the mission and visited some shops before leaving for Pacific Grove.

On the way, Daughter Jen called and she is going to join us tomorrow!

This is our hotel room.

 And our view from our patio.  In the evening and morning there are lots of deer that come for the nice tender grass.

And there is the Monterey Cypress forest ...

You can see a bit of the ocean in the background.

The neighbors are very quiet.

Which reminds me....

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