Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 10 - Buttons and Buttonholes!

Today I finished the buttonholes and buttons.

And yes, I did what I said I would never do: Take a picture in the bathroom.

This weekend is the Harvest Festival at Ardenwood.  I will be there Sunday, hopefully in my new bustle dress.  I will be adding more trim to it later, but for this weekend I will call it done.

Tomorrow I will add hooks and eyes to the neckband and then .....try it on and see if I can get in the car.  If I can't sit in the car in a hoop bustle, I'm going to have to come up with a Plan B.

The corn crop at Ardenwood Farm is ready to pick!  Join the fun this weekend at the Harvest Festival (Saturday and Sunday (October 12 & 13th) 10am-5pm.  Pick popcorn and Indian corn, try cider pressing, make your own corn husk doll, enjoy music, a magic show and much more!


  1. Please have someone take a pic of you in Ardenwood.

    You can't even tell that pic was taken in the bathroom - at least the toilet wasn't showing. lol

  2. It was hard enough to get it in the small mirror and not get the flash ruining the pics. Tomorrow I will be meeting Jeannie at Ardenwood so maybe she can take a pic of me. I am going to add some gussets to her new outfit.

  3. We usually get dressed at events. Or you could arrive in the bodice and pants and change into the rest of the dress later..

  4. Ardenwood is an historic park so it would really not be kosher to walk from the parking lot to the house in partial costume. But I could just go in with the bodice and underskirt on and put the overskirt on in the house. BUT, I did get dressed up in the full gear today and got into my little Honda AND I FIT! I skooted the seat back a bit, had no problem with the hoop stuff, it folded up fine. So, all is well, Thank Heavens!
    Thanks so much for your comment though. I haven't been to any events other than Ardenwood, and it is only about a mile from home.