Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 9 - Rip it Out

Today I spent ripping out the front "apron" section of the Overskirt.  The stripes did not go the right direction.  Then I cut out a new apron and spent the day redoing most of the steps I had done the other day putting the overskirt together.

Also I added the system for pulling back the overskirt to the bustle and pouffing up the bustle of the overskirt.

Of course, Missy had to make sure she was part of this whole thing.

This is what it looks like without all the hidden ties pulled up to its finished positions.

I am now overcasting the seams so the organza underlining won't unravel.

Tomorrow I plan to put it back on "Betsy" and do the final finishing with all the ties up, etc.

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