Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 2 - Starting the real bodice

   Yesterday, I started with checking everything on the mockup and guess what!  IThe "vest" sections were each sewn on their wrong sides.  That is because I forgot to add the little diamond marks when I copied the original pattern.  I didn't really notice till I saw the  bottom edges went up there instead of down.

So, I tore it out and redid it correctly.  Ahh, that looks better!

Then I cut out the REAL thing!  and cut out the interfacings and basted them to their fashion fabric sections.  The basting took a while...  The interfacing is organza that I found on sale on the internet.

 When I cut out the striped fabric I tried to match it up at the seams.  I don't think I did the best at matching but it doesn't look really bad.

Well, so far so good.  I have to adjust all the neck seams before doing the collar.

I am a little concerned how much smaller the lining and the boning will make it.

Today will be a busy day so I probably won't get to work on it.  The next big part is to cut out the lining.

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