Saturday, October 19, 2013

Station Day at Ardenwood

Today I helped with a school station day at Ardenwood.  We have several docents throughout the house.  School classes come into the house in groups and they are passed from one docent to another as they tour the house.  There were 11 tours with about 25 children plus some partents per group.  There isn't much time for each class as the demands for school tours is so great.  It is a very busy day for the docents.

Project News -
I will be working on the beaded lace for quite some time.  It is coming along fine but is time consuming.  I have the two pieces for the vest part of the bodice almost done.  The section for the skirt insert is going to take quite a while.

I did take a couple more pictures of the lace since yesterdays picture didn't really show well.  The camera just doesn't pick it all up as it looks.
 The lace color is darker than the picture shows and the beading doesn't show up as much as it does in person.


  1. Please have someone take a pic of you in your outfit.

  2. I wore my ivory blouse and navy blue lightweight wool skirt.