Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016 Christmas Project!

I am going to sign up for decorating the Sunroom/Sewing Room at Ardenwood.  Cathy is going to help me and she already has lots of ideas.  We always work well together on these planning projects.

The room looks like this currently:

I am seriously thinking of "sort of" reproducing this dress ......

It is a 1900 House of Worth Ball Gown.

It will be fitted to this 1900 dress form.

I bought this fabric just on a whim several years ago.  It is peacock colors sort of metallic irridescent.

Think I can do it?  Good thoughts, please!

These are the measurements of the dress form:
neck      15.5
bust       36.25
waist     30
hips       47

bust to shoulder     9.5
waist to bust         6.5
shoulder to floor   53
waist to floor        37.5

There is a lot of beading to time may be an issue.  Know what I will be doing evenings and rainy days...if it ever rains this winter.

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