Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The "Bee Dress"!

This is what started it all.  Then sent me an ad with their "Bee" fabric.  Of course,  since we have a bee family in the back yard I had to get it.  Then I thought, Yah, I will make the pink plaid bustle dress out of the bee fabric!

1875-1878 Pink Plaid Bustle Day Dress

I started with drafting the skirt.  I used the TV

I had decided to use my fluffy bustle petticoat under this skirt.

Then I cut out the skirt lining.....if it didn't come out right, it could be fixed without showing.

Then came the skirt and adding the ruffle on the bottom.

The draped apron was a bit more tricky to get the drape just right.  Here it is in the drafting stage.

Then, like always, I forgot to take pictures...but here is me in the middle of creativity all around, working on the bodice.

 And here is what I ended up with:

Since I will be wearing it for the first time at Sheep Shearing on March 17th, I had to add some glitz and green for St. Patrick!

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