Friday, July 10, 2015

1900 walking suit

This is the latest project: 1900 walking suit

I used the Truly Victorian Trumpet Skirt and Truly Victorian 1896 Ripple Jacket

The fabric is linen/wool and requires dry cleaning.  I found this fabric in a costume post that it was on sale (reg $14, on sale at $7 a yard and just had to get it.  I knew it was going to be a challenge.  Lucky for me I ordered 7 yds, thinking of just making a skirt and adding for matching.  It turned out since it was 60" wide and the way the skirt was cut, there was enough to make the jacket also.

The challenge:  The border was more than 2 ft wide along one edge.  There is a scallop on the bottom edge.  The skirt pieces are curved and the border is straight.  Then the floral embroidery is spaced with about a foot between each one.  That meant they had to be spaced on the separate skirt pieces so they weren't chopped off where the seams go.

After much adjusting, it all turned out pretty well, pattern-wise.  Though on each side there is a seam where the scallops don't meet.

If you look where the seam is you can see part of the embroidery just floating up there.  I was able to fix this picking out the stitches of that embroidery.  This happened in several places

When it came to the jacket, there was just enough fabric left.  There was a piece of embroidery that was just large enough for each sleeve.

Now I have to make a blouse to go under the jacket to complete the outfit.
And, I'm going to have to try another method to show this dress.  Black on Black doesn't show much.

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